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Please join us for our wedding celebration on

68 days until the big day!

Our Story

Jeremy and Kamala first met 12 years ago at Jeremy’s cousin Sweet 16 who happens to be Kamala’s best friend. Two years later in 2013, Jeremy and Kamala met again at her sisters 21st birthday. They were both shy at first but Kamala pulled Jeremy to dance and that night marked a timeless connection. The next day, Jeremy mustered the courage to message Kamala on Facebook for her number. After that day, the two has been talking every day ever since.

Fast forward 8 years, their love story grew. Together, they navigated milestones such as attending prom, securing their first jobs, integrating into each other's families, and embarking on shared journeys.

On August 7th, 2023, a new chapter of their story began. Jeremy took Kamala for an afternoon lunch date at a waterfront restaurant on Long Island. After a delicious meal, Jeremy took Kamala to a secluded spot behind the restaurant, showcasing the beautiful view of the water. Exiting the car, they strolled along the pier. Amid the breathtaking scenery, Kamala's attention was drawn to a sign that read "Will you marry me?” She said "YES!”

We're so grateful to share our special weekend with you all and can't wait for the big day! Thank you so much for always showing Jeremy and me nothing but love and support.

Love Always,
Jeremy and Kamala